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Originally created as a record label, Depaart also became an artist in 2016 when Guille and Fran release “Flamma'' under the name of Depaart.


Both born in Madrid, Guille (1989) started playing electric guitar when he was 13 encouraged by his parents in a house full of records from his dad’s old record store in the late 80’s. He began DJing in 2007 at the age of 18 after living in London for a year and started producing two years later. Fran (1988) began as a young and popular DJ amongst underage parties and was able to mix with 4 turntables being as young as 16. His long years as a member of Bultur gave him a wider musical view and key knowledge and experience on live performances. They both met in 2011 when they organised raves at university. Since then they’ve organised parties, made music and played together but under different names (Easy Kid and Fran Zaragoza) until their gathering under Depaart in 2016.


2018 is a critical year for them. It kicks off with “Los Chicos Del Ruido” being featured in the VA “A Tribe Called Kotori” by the german label Stil Vor Talent. Short after their first full EP “Blowing Smoke” gets released by Last Night On Earth with remixes from A Friend Of Marus and Animal Picnic. 2019 came with “Do It Like You Do” EP by Affkt’s Sincopat Label with Lauer and Tuff City Kids Remixes and their second Last Night On Earth “Migrate”, this time with Kiwi on the Remix. Just before the pandemic started they re-launched the label facete with Bufi’s “Òpala” featuring a Depaart remix but it’s amusement on the dancefloors got shut down.


Also in 2018 their daytime and weekly boutique party “Tortilla” is born, where they mix their music with art and actual spanish tortillas with artists like Maribou State, Jennifer Cardini, Simian Mobile Disco, Tom Trago or Rex The Dog to name a few.


They’ve dealt rather well with the pandemic, channeling the uncertainty to creativity and productivity when it was possible. They managed to get the time required to update and re-design their new live set and to finish almost 30 new tracks, amongst which we find their last EP “Divided” in Diynamic.