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“What matters is not where you’re at, or where you’re from but what music you can create”
Depaart is unashamedly deep house. With jazzy, soul influences, warm basslines and club rhythms, these artists flip a well defined script and claim it as their own, producing a new musical exponent of the finest deep house music the world has to offer.
Exacting a true departure from the norm, this independent label was founded in 2012 by Jorge Primo and Carlos Palop (Georgeous & Moliner) with a focus on upcoming artists from the deep house Spanish scene. Also closely linked to Mallorca, Depaart has great faith and trust in the new talents that reside on the island. Combining a classic feel with an eclectic, unique flavour, this label rightfully projects a sound befitting the most discerning underground listener whilst perfectly transporting to mainstream dancefloors. A different point of view indeed, and one that is not only able to be understood, but also enjoyed, by a vast and varied assortment of tastes and personalities.

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