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DEP012 Skeamo Feat. Suki Wild Pony

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Skeamo Feat. Suki Wild Pony

Carrying the torch and lighting the up those dimly lit, hot, and messy dance floors, Depaart are back yet again to kick off the upcoming season with a sensational feeling new EP from their friend, Skeamo.
The fit and energetic young label has not missed a beat and has no intention of hitting the breaks. With each new release their image and mission becomes clearer, louder, and more intense. We all expect great things from these young, up and
coming professionals. The eclectically minded artist, Jorge Sierra aka Skeamo is not your typical dj/producer. A self-described “sensitive” person who creates emotive, seductive dance music that effortlessly permeates the atmosphere with
a unique feeling and awareness. The owner of, this multidisciplinary artist has performed works not merely for dance floors but also: films, theater and commercials. He also plays the part of visual artist providing video clips and imagery for his own works, which give him complete and total creative control of his musical universe. Music is his “faith & religion”. Influenced by the entire electronic world since 2001, his musical creations have been composed between San Francisco, Ibiza, Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam and New York. Nowadays, he now resides in Berlin and is acquainting himself with vibrant sensations of the infamous German
capital, well known the globe over for its musical history.

Wild Pony is an EP with flare, attitude, and aforementioned emotion. Featuring remixes from David Molina, Gullon & Zarko, and Cesar Berti, this record has been executed with sound, image and shape in mind. It is set to up the bar and break down barriers in the deep house genre. The title track brings a lot to the table. The initial feeling is dark and brooding but slowly transforms into a swirling fantasy like trance. Constant and clean the tune provides exactly what the artist himself intended to deliver: emotion. David Molina puts his own lighter and groovier spin on the track. The futuristic 80´s bass and arpeggiator filled tune give a feeling of 80s throwback with touch of audacity and flare. Gullon & Zarko are next in line with their interpretation, keeping things deep
and minimal. Sticking to the beat and groove we are slowly taken up and away with the pulsating and constant build-up that brings us the heart of the track bouncing along side the vocals and vintage synth stabs. Ultimately on the EP, we have Cesar Berti who takes us to the floor and gets deep and dirty. Slow to enter the main feeling of the song enters with a touch of edginess and attitude, lifting up the heaviness of the intro but keeping the listeners ears pinned to the darker spin-off of the original.

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