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DEP012 Dominic Smith B3 EP

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Dominic Smith-B3

Autumn is upon us, and with it comes the cold frigid darkness, the changing of colors, and dropping of temperatures. Summer is a distant and fond memory and try as we might we cannot escape what lies ahead. Luckily for all us club goers, dancers, and night life enthusiasts Depaart is here with warm open arms, ready as ever to embrace us in its loving aural depth. That being said, camp Depaart is uber happy to present its most recent release from the one and only: Dominic entitled Times Of Doubt. One thing must be clear there is no doubting the talent and craft of this well thought-out EP. These tracks are sure to keep those deep dance floors sweaty, hot and throbbing in the next cold months.
B3 is a three track EP focusing on the “deep” side of things. Title track B3, a more melodic and active feeling can be found inside this track. The most exciting part of the track greets us at two minutes and twenty-five seconds and at this part of the song we are carried away into the awe and glimmer of the bubbling stabs and the sustain of a beautiful pad. What the song lacks in vocal presence it makes up for in melodic arrangement and energy. Next up is Times of Doubt, a six and half minute emotional journey, is subtle yet to the point. Heavy stirring of pads and live hats are the life source of the song but it’s the emotion captured when the vocals are introduced are make the song noteworthy. Lastly we have Deep Intentions coming in at just under seven minutes is a chest thumping groove machine. Heavy bass and the fiery melodic hi hat work are the key components, though the faint synth stabs and short catchy vocal sample help the song progress. Surely a staple and easy add to any deep house set.

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