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DEP013 Georgeous Trapped EP

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Georgeous-Trapped ft. John Gray incl. Gaol, Souldate and Paul Rudder Remix

For their next release, Depaart call upon their own Georgeous who is no stranger to the labels deep tendencies. Sticking to what he does best and staying true to his personal style the young producer delivers a brooding and energetic EP. The title track “Trapped” delivers everything we’d expect from Georgeous. Bouncing alongside futuristic stabs and synths the hot enigmatic vocals and vintage organ transpire into an addictive head bobbing club classic. Featuring remixes from fellow Depaart acts: Gaol, Paul Rudder, and Souldate this EP is sure to be a staple on many dance floors. First up in the line of remixes we have Gaol, who presents us with a stripped down track while adding some a hyper-retro big beat vibes. Next in line, Paul Rudder takes the track to an even deeper head–bobbing journey. While focusing heavily on the vocals and percussion, Paul seems to have kept things quite minimal. Finally to close out the EP we are left with Souldate’s stellar remix. With heavy emphasis on the hats and classic bass while slowly building up the beginning portion of the track were finally greeted by that “classic” organ and a explosive house drop guaranteed to get people moving.

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