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DEP015 Bonetti Pride & Loneliness EP

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Bonetti-Pride & Loneliness inc. Moliner and Danzoo Shem Remix

What is most striking about Bonetti’s Pride & Loneliness is its subtlety and its not-so minimalistic genius. The six and half minute release is glowing with space-age sounds and speckled with an array of crowd noise samples. Primarily held together with a deep pulsating bass line, staccato synth stabs and some intriguingly mysterious spoken vocals the fundamental elements are perfectly aligned to create a lustering dance-floor groove.

Following in line, Moliner has flexed his skills and delivered a noteworthy remix. Straightforward in his approach, there is a heavy focus on percussive elements, a booming sub-bass line and brightly elegant drums. With light and heady strings alongside a sprawl of soft synth stabs variegated throughout the nearly seven-minute deeply minimal rework, you can be sure to count on the delivery of this cut.

Last in the line we have Danzoo Shem who delivers a surprisingly upbeat futuristic exploration of Pride & Loneliness. Dishing out an energetic array of drums, hats, and stabs right out the gate the track is studded with an array of aggressively arranged effects and synth stabs sitting on top of a huge, pillowy bass-line. The shortest of the tracks on the EP, Danzoo makes good use of sampling elements from the original and presents us with a clean immediacy that makes the track irresistibly charming.

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