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DEP016: Moliner Tee Hee EP

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Moliner-Tee Hee incl. Danzoo Shem Remix

What is most unique and engaging about TeeHee is the flowing and rhythmic aspects set gently along side the wonderfully sampled ambient sound of childrens’ playground voices. The seven-minute kick back hypnotically takes you down memory lane and wisps you through the cool night air straight onto the dance floor. The track is focused heavily around a variety of light and bouncy percussive elements. Soft synths and pads pulsate in and out like the dreamy afterglow of a Balearic sunset. TeeHees’ unique sense of space and sound is sure to take you to that hidden place in Moliner’s mind to get a peek at what the young talented producer is up to.

Things finish off with Danzoo Shem’s rework. Staying true to the original feeling of TeeHee, the six-minute tune bumps in and out with a bit more energy but holds on to the overall vibe. Adding a surging and punchy bass line to the song the end result is a gently undulating piece of deep house cadency.

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