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DEP017 Guri Flashback EP

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Guri has outdone himself again with a new mind blowing EP. Perfectly proportioned, each and every musical element has been edged out to enhance the overall experience. Beginning with Empires of Memories, which asks the question in the vocals What Is House Music? Warm layers and palpitating synths rest carefully atop the rolling and booming bass. The stuttering four by four beat is laced with live hats and animated percussion, it is safe to say the young producer surely knows the answer to pending question. Following in line is Flashback, with a bit more funk and vibe. The seven-minute thumper enters and fluctuates slowly with drawn out synths followed by a bouncy and groovy bass line. Treading on old school turf the last track of the EP is active and splintered with breaking fills and constant percussion movement. No doubt, Guri has produced what should a very well received record

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