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DEP023 Danzoo Shem DIrty EP

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Danzoo Shem-Dirty

This time about, the sounds come from a newcomer in the form of Catalan native Danzoo Shem, a man who – like many other similarly inclined musicians – now calls Berlin its home. It’s a notable fact, not just because this is an EP that seems to momentarily pay homage to both the sun-kissed wares of Barca and the more industrial prowess of Berlin.

The Dirty EP gets underway courtesy of the fine title track. An enthralling track, it’s full of background crowd noise and its bumping bassline helps create a sound that’s almost tangible but is never convoluted or monotonous. The sporadic ‘funky’ vocal only adds fuel to the fire, in the process adding a whole heap of suspense to an EP that’s fully loaded with good times. ‘Nein’ is full of skipping beats and rich, textured vibes aplenty, and is structured around an intoxicating bassline that’s difficult not to lap up. If you’re looking for music that’ll almost certainly leave your crowd in a frenzy this winter time, then the latest from this Madrid label is just the ticket.


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