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Premiere: Easy Kid Lenai on Thump Mx image

We are proud to announce that Lenai has been premiered on Thump Mx

Los últimos años, la escena española ha visto el surgimiento de grandes exponentes que rápidamente están llegando a oídos de grandes sellos y DJs, que no dudan en compartir su música y utilizarla en sus sesiones, en ocasiones siendo estos tracks parte central de sus sets, debido a lo adictivo e hipnótico de los ritmos que se están generando en esta parte del mundo.

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Yo Mamma review on DMC Mag image

Ian Flemming dropping some words for DMC Mag

The always refreshing Depaart label now turns to a hot Spanish pair for their next EP. The artists behind the music are Guillermo Marraco and Pablo Sainz de Robles, aka Easy Kid, a duo that have seen plenty of success before now on labels like Southbeat and Spring Tube.

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Yo Mamma review on XYST image

Yo Mamma has been reviewed on XYST

Depaart is a Spanish label with a liking for doing things in their own way, which any fan of the label is sure to attest to. While other labels have been criticized for ‘cashing in’ on the current preoccupation with all things ‘deep house’, the label’s penchant for the more discerning side of the scale appears genuine, especially in the case of their latest, which comes from Easy Kid.

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Easy Kid Yo Mamma Ep review on The Underground image

Thanks to Natasha Remington from The Underground for dropping these nice words.

Easy Kid is the latest man to step up for the Depaart label, and if this one is anything to go by, it’s an entirely justified signing. It’s the canny strings and the gumption of the original, Yo Mamma, that not-so-eases us in, with its full-on, relentless textures proving a fitting accompaniment to peak-time floors.

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