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Lobby Boy review on BPM Spain image

Georgeous & Souldate Lobby Boy EP has been featured on BPM SPain

El sello Depaart no deja de sorprendernos últimamente y esta vez tiene algo bastante grande entre manos. La discográfica con base en Madrid y Berlin sacará el próximo 9 de Noviembre un nuevo EP de dos de sus artistas más representativos, Georgeuos y Souldate que se unen para lanzar Lobby Boy, formado por 3 tracks.

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Yo Mamma review on XYST image

Yo Mamma has been reviewed on XYST

Depaart is a Spanish label with a liking for doing things in their own way, which any fan of the label is sure to attest to. While other labels have been criticized for ‘cashing in’ on the current preoccupation with all things ‘deep house’, the label’s penchant for the more discerning side of the scale appears genuine, especially in the case of their latest, which comes from Easy Kid.

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