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Lobby Boy review on BPM Spain image

Georgeous & Souldate Lobby Boy EP has been featured on BPM SPain

El sello Depaart no deja de sorprendernos últimamente y esta vez tiene algo bastante grande entre manos. La discográfica con base en Madrid y Berlin sacará el próximo 9 de Noviembre un nuevo EP de dos de sus artistas más representativos, Georgeuos y Souldate que se unen para lanzar Lobby Boy, formado por 3 tracks.

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The King Stay The King review on DMC World Magazine image

Fran Zaragoza’s The King Stay The King has been included on DMC World Magazine House reviews

Madrid’s Fran Zaragoza gets the nod for the latest release on the Depaart label and boy does he come up with the goods. After years of running his own parties, holding down various residencies and relaxing on lots of top labels, he has a fine collection of tools and an even better collection of ideas, as this EP proves.

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Yo Mamma review on DMC Mag image

Ian Flemming dropping some words for DMC Mag

The always refreshing Depaart label now turns to a hot Spanish pair for their next EP. The artists behind the music are Guillermo Marraco and Pablo Sainz de Robles, aka Easy Kid, a duo that have seen plenty of success before now on labels like Southbeat and Spring Tube.

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Moliner SN437 review on DMC image

Moliner’s SN 437 has been featured on DMC Worlds Magazine

Moliner is the big boss man at the Depaart imprint – and a man whose ethereal jams make him one of the imprint’s start turns. He returns to the label here for his first release on home turf for some time, as he comes back with SN347, the sort of release that reminds us just why he’s spoken of in influential circles as one of Spain’s best up-and-coming producers.

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