Formed by Guillermo Marraco and Pablo Sainz de Robles, in Madrid  2011.

Easy Kid is the evolution of a rock band that kicked off at Pablo´s garage in the beginning of 2009. After summer  2011 they flipped into electro-rock and within a couple of months turned out to be purely electronic music, Easy Kid was born.

Guillermo starts playing and studiying guitar as a teenager. He becomes a Londoner in 2007 and starts deejaying. Back in Madrid in 2010, as a promoter runs his first parties in Madrid where he plays all-night-long . In 2011  Ibiza welcomes his skills and starts to develop his music productions.

Pablo has a classical approach,  attended to  music conservatory for 10 years. With a deep classic-music formation, Pablo has always been amazed by the challenge of sound design and mixing.

After a completely year locked up in their home studio they decide to start their own night in town. Teamed up with Fran Zaragoza and Federico Sainz de Robles Blackout Club Madrid was born in October 2012. 2014 sees the inception of Sundaze Club as the unique rooftop party in Madrid,  with great success.

With almost 50 gigs in 2014, these active DJs and producers will deliver huge weapons this 2015, catch them at Depaart!

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