Jorge Primo has amassed such a vast curriculum of milestones in such a short time, it’s scary. Though truth be told, this producer and DJ has a lot factors to account for his relevance in the national electronic network in Spain.

For one, he makes up one half of the electro-house duo Kill The Hipsters, a doublet born in the nations capitol, and on the other hand co-founder of Depaart Records, a Deep House label with more than twenty references in the electronic music market, awarded last year as the best upcoming electronic music label by Vicious Mag. Finally and above all, a resident and co-creator of Madrid based Goya Social Club, a ground breaking brand making its mark in the nightlife scene of Madrid, hosting artists such as Jonas Rathsman, The Magician, Friend Within and Blonde.

However, what interests us here is the work being developed as Georgeous. The solo project that integrates some of the smartest sounds in the dance music realm, from UK Bass to Pop House and Techno.

His latest work -EPs “Weak Ties”, “Loose Feelin’” and “Trapped” featuring remixes from well known producers like Evan Iff (UK) and  Sidechains (Barcelona)- received direct support from industry heavyweights such as Pete Tong’s House, Stacey Pullen and John Digweed, not to mention the endorsement by major national and international trade media like Vicious Magazine and DJ Mag, Raveline or Faze Magazine.

Georgeous brings a unique vision of cutting edge House mixed with elegant and eclectic sounds influenced by the history of well-known dance music hot house countries like Germany and the UK. Sessions are unique mixing strong bass, alternative pop with touches and nods looking to the future by incorporating live elements.

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Lobby Boy 2016
Surfin' the Wave 2016

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