Head Honcho Moliner made a podcast for When We Dip, don’t miss his 3 top tracks at the moment.

  1. Economist Divide Feat. Black Soda, sometimes i like to edit tracks for my sets and love the vibe from the original track, it’s dirty, it’s groovy and vocals drive me crazy. I didn’t like how the build up was ending, for me was loosing all the energy so i decided to do an edit with the dub version.
  2. Foolishness from Easy Kid, May 2016 my beloved Easy Kid in my opinion one of best Spanish upcoming duos will release their first Album on Depaart. I like vocal tracks for my sets, this one has this weird vocals just perfectly placed for mixing, the groove of the track is just perfect. For me this is  a premonition of present and future sound.
  3. 3 Channels Alphabetti Spaghetti , Catz & Dogz are back after 8 years, always loved their productions and this one is just insane, strong and atmospheric. I love the raw techno vibe of this tracks and since i got the news this was coming on Kompakt  i couldn’t wait to be released.

via: When We Dip

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