• RELEASE DATE /June, 01 2015
  • LABEL /Depaart
  • FORMAT /Digital

Release tracklist

Few words

Moliner has been asking up musical influences since the 90s, falling for artists like Mike Oldfield and Depeche Modebefore beginning his production career as a teen. Since then he has been developing a unique deep house sound with a distinct melodic touch on labels such as Prompt’s 7 Senses or Swiss-based imprint Gimmick Records. In 2012 together with his production mate Georgeous he created the Depaart label under the motto “What matters is not where you’re at or were you’re from but what music you can create.“
The first cut SN 437 is a dark and moody track with clicking drums, edgy pads and a serene sense of deep space mischief. Its patient and sparse and really makes for an ominous mood. HIP 36208 is then just as bleak and stripped back, with shuffling percussion and spine tingling melodies and a real sense of subtle progression. Lastly, Sentinel is a wholly occult arrangement of weird sonics, alien sound, glass tinkles and intergalactic cosmic-ness that really strikes a resonant emotional and filmic nerve.