• RELEASE DATE /November, 09 2015
  • LABEL /Depaart
  • FORMAT /Digital

Release tracklist

Few Words

Georgeous & Souldate have hooked up to great effect on this label before now, and that single got plays far and wide. The pair have held a residency at Goya Social Club earlier this year and are some of Spain’s finest musical talents, as this new EP proves.

Up first, Burning is a bulky house track with loopy drums, party starting vocals up top and lots of slick synths that are full of colour and feeling. It is a great cut to get people going on the floor and then comes I Know You Like It.

This one is even more playful, with big New York style drums propping up some squelchy synths and tribal grooves. Rich musical chords and filtered vocals also get stitched in to add a real sense of funk and this is another sure winner that will stand out in any set.

Lastly, Easy Kid remixes I Know You Like It and layers in some magical melodies, whispered vocals and spiritual pads that make it more romantic and late night than the original.