• RELEASE DATE /February, 29 2015
  • LABEL /Noisa Bass Label
  • FORMAT /Digital

Release tracklist

Few words

Fran Zaragoza is back to the corral, he does it in a very good shape, proposing two new original tracks where his captivating and melting House/Deep/Techno is omnipresent: “Tigers of Wood” and “Mindscape” (this latter along the duo Easy Kid).

“Tigers of Wood”
Fran takes us on a hypnotic trip, with an infectious, obscured groove looping over incessant layers of beat patterns that weave in and out of the track teasingly, driven along by a banging sub-boom-bass, with the sensuous vocals by Daniel Moncloa (BULTUR bassist and solo singer with that name).

Fran Zaragoza teams up with Easy Kid to bring to the table this ideal cut to keep us nodding. Intelligent step sequences of arpeggios and vicious synth lines. It’s a glimmering combination of gentle analogue touches, brittle drums and slowly weaving pads.

“Tigers of Wood” (Moliner Remix)
This brand new EP from Depaart offers also one, wonderfully moody remix. Moliner captures a particularly audacious and dark mood, re-interpreting “Tigers of Wood”. Crystalline notes over soft drum machines and spaced-out techno sound. The way he plays with vocals is so meticulous and emotional, an utterly beautiful game reduced to very crystalline dubbed phrases.