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Tigers of Wood en Decoded Magazine

febrero 24, 2016

Forthcoming EP “Tigers of Wood” on Decoded Magazine

Fran Zaragoza regresa a la acción –si es que alguna vez se apartó de ella- con un nuevo lanzamiento donde se integran dos temas originales “Tigers of Wood” y “Mindscape” (este último junto al dúo Easy Kid) además de una remezcla a cargo de Moliner. Abran sus oídos y disfruten de una nueva andanada de Deep House, Techno… todo bien untado de sutileza, química y baile.

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Second Chance review on Mixmag Croatia

febrero 16, 2016

Our friends of Mixmag Croatia have review Moliner’s “Second Chance”

Moliner svoje početke bavljenja glazbom vuče još iz 90-ih, kada su ga inspirirali umjetnici poput Mike Oldfielda i Depeche Modea. Od svojih početaka, ovaj španjolski producent s bazom u Berlinu razvija unikatan deep house zvuk s izrazitim melodičnim momentima. 2012. godine pokrenuo je s kolegom producentom Georgeousom vlastiti label Depaart pod motom: “Nije važno gdje si, niti odakle si, već je važna glazba koju radiš.”


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PREMIERE: Second Chance on Godzilla Disco

enero 12, 2016

Second Chance has been premiered on Godzilla Disco

Tech house fans have a lot to look forward to as Spanish DJ-Producer Moliner gears up for the release of his Second Chance EP, out on his very own Depaart imprint this January 18th. The EP features an exciting original that will take listeners on a thrilling ride, accompanied by a chilled-out, melodic remix by Fran Zaragoza and a warped, futuristic rendition by Spanish duo Easy Kid.

via: Godzilla Disco

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Lobby Boy review on BPM Spain

noviembre 4, 2015

Georgeous & Souldate Lobby Boy EP has been featured on BPM SPain

El sello Depaart no deja de sorprendernos últimamente y esta vez tiene algo bastante grande entre manos. La discográfica con base en Madrid y Berlin sacará el próximo 9 de Noviembre un nuevo EP de dos de sus artistas más representativos, Georgeuos y Souldate que se unen para lanzar Lobby Boy, formado por 3 tracks. Distas pistas siguen la clase de Depaart, un toque house que seguramente sonará esta temporada en todos los clubes.

Tuvimos la oportunidad de previsualizar el trabajo y descubrir las tres canciones: Burning, I know you like it I know you like it (Easy Kid Remix).

El primero de estos temas tiene un toque tech-house con unas vocales típicas que acompañan perfectamente al pegadizo ritmo del track. I know you like it, también para pista, viene acompañado de un remix del dúo Easy Kidde un estilo mucho más pausado que el original y a su vez muy intenso.

Via: Bpm Spain

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Lobby Boy review on Technocadeau

noviembre 4, 2015

Forthcoming on Depaart DEP029 Lobby Boys has been featured on Techno Cadeau.

Georgeous et Souldate s’allient une nouvelle fois pour produire l’EP « Lobby Boy » sur le label Depaart, prévu pour le 9 novembre. C’est la deuxième collaboration entre les deux DJs pour le label espagnol. Les deux hommes, continuent sur leur lancée avec une house, qui va secouer les dancefloor.

Très présents sur la scène espagnole et dans les soirées d’Ibiza, Georgeous et Souldate étaient faits pour travailler ensemble. Les deux hommes se sont alliés, depuis quelques mois, pour produire des nouveaux sons. Après un EP sur le label Highlights, les deux Espagnols se sont retrouvés sur Depaart avec l’EP « Surfin the Wave ». C’est, une nouvelle fois, pour le label Depaart, que les deux DJs ont combiné leur talent, avec « Lobby Boy », un EP de deux titres et un remix

Avec ces deux morceaux inédits, Georgeous & Souldate confirment leur amour pour une house rythmée, directement destinée aux dancefloors. Leur résidence dans le célèbre Goya Club d’Ibiza, n’a sûrement pas été anodine à cette volonté de continuer à produire une musique vouée à faire danser le public.

L’EP s’ouvre avec le titre « Burning », qui s’impose tout de suite comme un titre entêtant, avec une ligne de basse dure. Le track est accompagné de vocals répétitif, qui suivent les drops avec panache. Le résultat final offre une mélodie chaude et parfaite pour enflammer une piste de danse.


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The King Stay The King review on Ibiza Voice

octubre 2, 2015

Fran Zaragoza’s debut EP has been recently reviewed on Ibiza-Voice.

This new EP from Fran Zaragoza is the latest in a long line of hits for the Madrid man. It comes on theDepaart label and features two great cuts with one dub, all of which draw upon his years of experience in the booth, studio and as a promoter of his own events. It offers three cuts that all showcase the Spaniard’s passion for and ability to make great melodic tracks.

Up first, the title track is a spiritual bit of melodic tech house with rich melodies and driving beats. As it unfolds you truly get swept up in the majesty of it all and stay locked in the groove throughout.

Then comes Smeed, a more deep and downbeat cut that is late night and romantic with its gentle chords, one finger piano notes and groaning bass.  Lastly, a Dub Diamond mix of this one goes even deeper into the night and is a truly spine tingling affair.  With tracks like this in his arsenal it is hard to work out why Zaragoza isn’t a more household name in underground circles.

via: Ibiza-Voice

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The King Stay The King review on DMC World Magazine

septiembre 18, 2015

Fran Zaragoza’s The King Stay The King has been included on DMC World Magazine House reviews

Madrid’s Fran Zaragoza gets the nod for the latest release on the Depaart label and boy does he come up with the goods. After years of running his own parties, holding down various residencies and relaxing on lots of top labels, he has a fine collection of tools and an even better collection of ideas, as this EP proves. This release opens up with the grandly titled The King Stay The King, and is a spiritual bit of house music with lots of patient build up, some spacey atmospheres and carefully crafted melodies and synths that are truly artful and musical. The track really transports you somewhere and keeps your attention locked. Smeed is then even more stripped back, deeper and more patient. It has chilly chords and depth charged sonar sounds that really sooth mind, body and soul. It’s a fine track to drop right at the high point of your set and the dub diamond mix ups the spiritual, melodic ante by layering in even more rippling, spine tingling melodies. Overall this EP proves Zaragoza has a rare knack for melody and serve groove making that makes him a classy producer indeed.

via: DMC

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Yo Mamma review on DMC Mag

mayo 28, 2015

Ian Flemming dropping some words for DMC Mag

The always refreshing Depaart label now turns to a hot Spanish pair for their next EP. The artists behind the music are Guillermo Marraco and Pablo Sainz de Robles, aka Easy Kid, a duo that have seen plenty of success before now on labels like Southbeat and Spring Tube. What they offer up here are two fine versions of a house track with a remix from Georgeous.

Yo Mamma in original form is the sort of fulsome house track that really makes people sweaty. It has swollen bass, well driven kicks and plenty of lively, colourful synth patterns. There is also a Moliner Vocal Hook remix that is perfectly downbeat and sombre, with sad chords and prickly melodies that really bubble and never boil. It’s a bit of moody house that is followed by the Georgeous remix, which is much more pumping, large and peak time in its rolling grooves and Kerri Chandler like kicks. Overall, a fine EP.


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SN437 review on The Underground

mayo 22, 2015

Moliner’s forthcoming EP has been featured on The Underground

Moliner is a the head honcho at Spanish label Depaart, and by all intents and purposes, he’s also a man who knows how to bring the heat in terms of his productions. His latest outing for the label is testament to the fact, as he unleashes more solid gems courtesy of the SN437 EP, a real rollercoaster of a listen that’s been put together with all the hallmarks of a producer confident and assured in his approach.

Getting us underway is the ghoulish and spooky sounds of the title track. Dark and nimble but also quirky and unusual, it sticks out from the pack thanks to its refusal to conform and its taut, effervescent sound. The similarly unusually named ‘’HIP 36208’’ is another track that’s indebted to strange pastures. This time, the emphasis is on a snaking synth line and a relatively minal ethos. Trippy and atmospheric, it’s still the perfect track with which to build your set from. Closing out we have ‘’Sentinel’’, which is a chiming, melancholic slice of melody that’s notable for its many transitions and the lack of a 4/4 kick. A gorgeous way to end a really solid EP.

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Moliner SN437 review on DMC

mayo 20, 2015

Moliner’s SN 437 has been featured on DMC Worlds Magazine

Moliner is the big boss man at the Depaart imprint – and a man whose ethereal jams make him one of the imprint’s start turns. He returns to the label here for his first release on home turf for some time, as he comes back with SN347, the sort of release that reminds us just why he’s spoken of in influential circles as one of Spain’s best up-and-coming producers.

Getting us going is the firm sounds of ‘’SN437’’ itself. Menacing but also brilliantly constructed, it’s a nimble and delicate track that’s gloriously different. If you’re looking to leave your audience in a real headspin, then this set builder really will take some beating. Middle track ‘’Hip 36208’’ reminds us of the sort of thing that producers such as Oliver Huntemann and Gregor Tresher have built their careers on, such is the dizzying nature of the sounds on offer. ‘’Sentinel’’ is full of cosmic, sci-fi flourishes and dizzying soundscapes aplenty, and is a curtain-closer that’s full of class and panache. Really great stuff from the guys.