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The King Stay The King review on Ibiza Voice

octubre 2, 2015

Fran Zaragoza’s debut EP has been recently reviewed on Ibiza-Voice.

This new EP from Fran Zaragoza is the latest in a long line of hits for the Madrid man. It comes on theDepaart label and features two great cuts with one dub, all of which draw upon his years of experience in the booth, studio and as a promoter of his own events. It offers three cuts that all showcase the Spaniard’s passion for and ability to make great melodic tracks.

Up first, the title track is a spiritual bit of melodic tech house with rich melodies and driving beats. As it unfolds you truly get swept up in the majesty of it all and stay locked in the groove throughout.

Then comes Smeed, a more deep and downbeat cut that is late night and romantic with its gentle chords, one finger piano notes and groaning bass.  Lastly, a Dub Diamond mix of this one goes even deeper into the night and is a truly spine tingling affair.  With tracks like this in his arsenal it is hard to work out why Zaragoza isn’t a more household name in underground circles.

via: Ibiza-Voice

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Fran Zaragoza Interview for Ihouse

septiembre 29, 2015

House has been aware of Fran’s latest EP and dug a little bit into his life. Fran Zaragoza is a man who has been involved on the scene from a young age. Promoting many parties in Madrid, you can access to 60 seconds with Fran Zaragoza on Ihouse


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Fran Zaragoza's forthcoming EP The King Stay The King on Waatshake

agosto 28, 2015

Fran Zaragoza’s forthcoming EP “The King Stay The King” has been reported by Wattshake Spanish media blog.

The King Stay The King’, referencia 028 de Depaart, es el debut del productor madrileño Fran Zaragoza con el sello madrileño/berlinés. El creador de Sundaze y Blackout nos presenta dos ‘tracks’ originales, ‘The King Stay The King’ y ‘Smeed’, y un ‘Dub Diamond Mix’ de este último.

‘The King Stay The King’, corte que da título al EP,  se compone de grandes atmósferas y líneas melódicas como grandes elementos protagonistas. El tema, apto tanto para una escucha tranquila como la pista de baile, destaca por su ‘drop’ central con una progresión totalmente absorbente.

‘Smeed’, segunda pista del EP, aporta armonía y frescura gracias en buena parte a las guitarras de Gaspar Simón, guitarrista del grupo madrileño Bultur. Además, ‘Smeed’ cuenta con una versión más adaptada al sonido ‘club’ gracias a su ‘Dub Diamond Mix’.

Via: Wattshake